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Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!

Radita Emil si familia locuiesc de mai multi ani in Greater Vancouver. Ei sint acum nevoiti sa poarte o batalie legala cu "Social services" care l-au luat in custodie pe unul din copiii lor Alexandru (6 ani).

Miercuri 14 ianurie 2004 de la orele 9:30 are loc la:
Provincial Court House
14355 - 57 Ave, Surrey
prima sedinta publica prin care familia Radita incearca sa-si primeasca baiatul inapoi.

Emil face apel la toti romanii din zona sa vina miercuri si sa sprijine actiunea lor. Avocatul lor a mentionat importanta opiniei publice in astfel de situatii. Va rog sa luati serios in considerare de a fi prezent miercuri dimineata la adresa si ora indicata!

Va multumesc,
Valer Eugen Demian
un roman

To the UNICEF International

From 22 concerned witnesses

On December 28th Emil Radita the father of Alex Radita and some friends went to B.C. Children's hospital to visit Alex. They found Alex's mother out in the snow with no shoes or socks and 2 bags. Before she was kicked out she begged one of the officers to let her stay just inside the entrance to the hospital until her husband came to pick her up but the officer refused and told her to leave immediately. When her husband Emil Radita found her she was out in the freezing cold and emotionally spent. Mr. Radita and some other friends close to the family about 22 by count went up to see Alex and how he was doing since they were worried because the child is very attached to his mother and could have been in shock which he was when his brother Marcus Radita was him. When the security on guard that night realized Alex was acquainted with his brother, the man handled the child grabbing him from behind one arm around the child's mid section and another arm was slapped over his mouth so he couldn't call out to his brother. All this was occurring will the other members of the original group struggled to make themselves understood to the now multiplying police officers and security guards. We were made to understand that there were 7 or 8 police officers present 4 of which were male and 2 of which were female, there were also 3 security guards in total. One of the friends which shale remains nameless explained the officers as mouthy, pushy, and bossy.

"They were unfair from the minute we stepped out of the elevator. There was this one officer a female she gave me a dirty look of course I was offended but I didn't say anything when we were agreeing to leave she sent another dirty look my way I took a step toward her and said 'I don't like that look' her partner shoved me and said it was in his right to protect his partner. I replied I didn't touch her why are you touching me."

After this episode the cops promised that and I quote "He's in safe hands he'll be here in the morning no one will kidnap him or brainwash him." At the entrance of the hospital the officers started acting like nothing had just happened they were sarcastic and made joke about the country the Radita family is from they demanded names and birth dates.

The members of the Radita family group found out after that they weren't required to give the information they were asked to give about themselves some of it personal.

Everyone left peacefully and was outraged when they saw the markings on Alex's body the next day. The police officer had promised the child would not be harmed and the mother had asked that an officer stay behind and guard her son during the night. There were several bruises and scrapes along his back under his armpits, the back of his legs also had bruises, the child was so frightened he could not speak Emil Radita was so out raged at this treatment of his child that he refuses to leave his sons side for any reason and he was accused of causing a scandal but what would you do in such a situation if you were the child's father?

With respect,
22 witnesses ready to testify
December 30, 2003

Emil Radita
#10111-159A St Surrey, B.C.
V4N-2P8 Canada

To the UNICEF International

Dear and honorable people from UNIVCEF. My name is Emit Radita I live in Surrey, B.C. with my wife and my eight children. The reason I am writing this letter to your organization is because I have very big problems with the Childrens Hospital in Vancouver and with the Family Services who threaten to take our son Alexandru away from us. Three years ago my son had a simple cold which they treated as diabetes refusing to test his blood and complete all the tests. After 3 years on October 16 my son was admitted once again to the Childrens Hospital, because of their ignorance and misstreatment his liver got very sick. We went to emergency and they said that nothing I said was true. The doctors called the Ministry and Family Services who refused to listen to anything I said.

On December 28 in the night at 8:45 they threw my wife out of the Hospital with an order from the ministry. My son was terrified 3 nurses grabbed him and tied him to the bed with a piece of string then they made him drink something to make him go to sleep he fainted and they put him under cold water close and all. They undressed him to bare skin and put him in bed. He was hit over the mouth when I found him the next morning, December 29, and crying so terrified he couldn't speak. We filmed everything but the News doesn't want to show it on t.v. so I was forced to write you this letter. In the evening of December 28 I went to pick up my wife and I went up to my sons room to see what was going on. When my son saw us he tried to escape from the room but the security guard grabbed him around his tummy and held his mouth closed so he wouldn't scream and locked him in his room. When I found my son in this condition I was outraged thay called the police and a good thing too because they say the marks on my sons body and called a ferenzic scientist to take pictures of all bruses, scratches and his leg was swolen and purple from the rope they tied him with to the bed.

Also on December 28th some police officers 6 or 7 by count and 3 security guards shoved some people in and out of the elevator they did not wait for them to leave willingly. These people are friends to the family. I wrote this letter to let you people know that the doctors, officers, and nurses have become a big problem in this country not help for our children.

I thank you for taking the time to read my concerns and my pains.
Thanks You, Emil Radita

Emil and Rodica Radita
10111 159 A Street
Surrey, BC
V4N 2P8

The Commission for Human Rights
The United Nations Organization

My name is Emil Radita and I live with my family in Vancouver, Canada. In May 1985, I have escaped from communist Romania, swimming across the Danube River, risking my life for a democratic country. When the Yugoslavian Police and all the people from a road construction site saw us, they seemed very happy. My friend and I did not know why. Than a Romanian who resides in Yugoslavia, told us: "Two days ago, they had found 48 human bodies at the Hydro Dam on the Danube River, on the Yugoslavian side, killed by the Romanian Border Patrol." The Yugoslavians were very happy to see us alive. After 20 days of jail, because we had crossed the border without a passport, the Yugoslavian Authorities placed us into the care of the United Nations Organization from Belgrade. While in Yugoslavia, I have translated for my fellow refugees at different embassies. One day I was with two friends at the Embassy of United States of America, to translate for them, and during my translation The American Consul told me: "You are admitted to the United States!" I told him that I already had a Canadian Visa, because I thought both countries were the same: DEMOCRATIC, where the average human can be listened to.

After one year of my arrival to Canada I married and now we have 8 children. "We believe in God and in His power of healing, but we know also God is the One who organize everything on Earth, and therefore, doctors are in His plan too." But confessing that in the front of one doctor, cost us time spent in the front of a court of justice, 4 times in 3 years, and we are not done yet. Family Services want to take one of my boys from us. In my mind is this question: "Is Canada still a democratic country? Is the average human listened to? Is believing in God is still allowed?"

Mr. Allan Rock, who was Minister of Health in the previous Canadian Government, and now Canadian Ambassador at the United Nations Organization, knows about my case, because 3 years ago I sent him a letter for the same problem. Looks like once again I need your help, the United Nations Organization help. I have decided to go right to you, because we have had enough! Here are the reasons: In December 2000 my son, Alexandru Gabriel Radita, was taken to the Children's Hospital in Vancouver for about 3 weeks, diagnosed with diabetes, but it was more than that. We, me and my wife had been asking the doctors (Metzker and Stuart) to do all the tests for my son, because after they administered him with medication his face was yellow (hepatitis). No one was listening to us; they laughed at us and left. I insisted, and I told them that in Europe the doctors do the entire test from one sample of blood. They were looking at me like I was stupid.

In 2001 I, Emil Radita, was with my son in Surrey Children’s Hospital. I asked AGAIN for complete tests, because I had seen the sign of Yeast Infection, from the rubber tube what was inserted to collect the urine of my son. No one listened to me. We have been following the instructions from the doctors, giving him insulin every day. We have attended the visits with the doctors, but suddenly they stopped to make new appoiments. Every time The Family Services intervened and drag us to court (I think their motto is “separate and destroy” families). Today my son is in the hospital again, and after very much insistence from me and my wife, the doctors, after 3 years have done the tests. They did find out we had been right: my son had liver problems, stomach problems, schist on the pancreas etc. Now they are accusing us that we have medically neglected our son, and pursuing Family Services to take our son from us. If everything had been done properly in the beginning we should not be here today.

The case worker from Family Services, Richard Gage has ordered the Hospital Security to guard my wife and son day and night invading their privacy and trying to psychologically destroy my family. Than he was harassing my wife on the phone and screaming at her (she was day and night with my son in the hospital for over 2 months, to serve and comfort him). Kelly, the Hospital Worker took the phone to calm down Mr. Richard Gage.

My son almost died because of some doctor’s ignorance. Now they are teaming up against us. Doctors should help people to get well not destroy families, or create more problems for those already suffering for the loved ones! We have 8 children and we know how to take care them!
Why are they trying to destroy a good family? Is this part of their job creation? It appears to me, some doctors are creating jobs for Family Services to keep them in business. There was no Christmas for us this year because Mr. Richard Gage (Grinch) has stolen the Christmas from us.

The judge has already ordered 2 times the release of information, but my lawyer, Patricia Fleming, has not received any information yet. The Hospital or Family Services are they hiding something? Now Mr. Richard Gage has left a message on my cell phone and he is giving me verbal order not to go Sunday, December 28, to see my son at Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, because he wants to take him from us. He does not have any Court Order or any right to do so! Who is he, a communist dictator? Is Canada still a democratic country?

Sunday, December 28, A large group, and I, from the community will be there!
If something bad will happen to any one, I will hold Richard Gage responsible!

Thank you, because we anticipate your help!
Emil Radita
December 27, 2003

Dec 29,2003 Janina Radita(15) daughter of Mrs. And Mr. Radita

Last night my mother was turned out onto the street after being ordered to leave my brothers side and go home. My father and some close friends to the family went to the hospital to see what was going on. It is true my parents were informed that visiting wouldn’t take place between our family and my brother Alex on December 28 or any time after until arrangements were made. What right does Richard Gage have to give such an order? He’s been withholding important information from my father’s lawyer even after 2 court orders to give it up. Our family would not be in such a situation if we had been informed what to do with such a sick child. Like my father stated, my parents attended all the appointments until the time when my brother’s doctor moved. We were left in the dark about what to do in such a situation no one contacted us to make more appointments and so my parents not knowing it was against the law didn’t go anymore. My parents did try to find out whether or not they should attend and what they should have done but it seemed they were just a couple of unknowns on the sidelines the sort nobody bothers with. Is it because they immigrated here? Is it because of how large our family is? Or is it because of our religion? I sure don’t know but I do know that my mother is almost mad with grief she doesn’t sleep or eat she wants to know why and how and who would such a thing.


Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!

Eu vroiam doar sa mentionez ca eu imi voi lua intr-adevar zi libera ca sa fiu acolo maine.

Luciana Ion

Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!

Am citit scrisorile si, efectiv, nu stiu ce sa cred. Oricine lucreaza intr-un spital va poate spune ca asa ceva este imposibil sa se intample aici. Sunt destule asistente de origine romana care lucreaza la Children's si sunt sigura ca va pot da destule detalii despre felul in care sunt tratati pacientii. Si mai ales cand este vorba despre copii. Daca acest copil are vanatai si rani pe picioare, nu sunt pentru ca doctorii si asistentele l-au legat sau maltratat. Eu personal nu cred asta. Tot nu am inteles de ce au despartit copilul de parinti. Cred ca se mai fac si greseli, dar in acest caz povestea este confuza si cu multe semne de intrebare. Asta ar putea fi un semnal de alarma pentru comunitatea noastra, si poate un subiect de discutie care merita atentie, in legatura cu felul in care ne purtam cu copiii nostri. Trebuie sa intelegem ca nu sunt proprietatea noastra si trebuie sa respectam legile tarii in care traim. Intr-adevar, povestea asta deosebit de trista, si tragica pentru bietul copil, nu are nici o legatura cu prezenta directorilor RCC la tribunal. Imi cer scuze, Elena

Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!

Am citit cele doua pagini;vorba altor confrati de-ai nostri ce scrie acolo frizeaza inimaginabilul!Am apropiati si prieteni in spitale,am ajuns si eu acolo iar imaginea ce mi s-a creat ma impiedica (poate) sa vad obiectiv gravitatea faptelor personalului medical.Incompetenta? tot ce-i posibil -dar in tratament inuman aplicat copilului...
Ma feresc de concluzii din cele citite-e totul confuz,incoerent,inimaginabil! si insuficient!Adaugirile aduse de Nick ma fac sa fiu si mai sceptic...

Departe de mine dorinta de a influenta pe cineva!
Ce-i mai rau e ca din toate astea copilul sufera.

Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!

Poate si mesajul pus de Valer nu a fost foarte clar. A parut sa fie un apel din partea BC-RCC. Dar, asa precum a precizat intr-un mesaj ulterior, dl. Radita s-a adresat (si) Centrului probabil neindraznind sa se adreseza bisericilor ortodoxe (o banuiala personala). A afirmat singur ca este membrul unei bisericii neo-protestante. Imi cer deci scuze asupra afirmatiei mele anterioare (exagerate) cu cei 12 romani prezenti la tribunal. Stiu ca are suportul denominatiei crestine de care apartine.

Valer nu a facut altceva decit a adus cazul la cunostinta intregii comunitati romanesti (cei ce viziteaza acest site - dar stiu ca anuntul a fost pus pe toate listele de discutii), fara ca acest fapt sa insemne un suport din partea BC-RCC sau a directorilor organizatiei. Ca si cei care si-au manifestat opiniile pe acest site, multi din noi, membrii BC-RCC nu stim ce sa credem si in ce tabara sa ne situam (ca persoane individuale!)
Cel mai grav lucru este ca exista doua tabere. Ar trebui sa existe una singura - cea a copilului!


Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!

Am citit ambele scrisori. Intr-adevar este foarte grav ceea ce se intimpla cu acest copilas, fie din vina parintilor, fie din vina autoritatilor.
Vreau sa spun ca situatia poate sa aiba doua fetze:
- ca sa-si justifice neglijenta sau incompetenta, personalul medical da vina pe parinti ... au mai fost situatii similare, inclusiv in BC si inclusiv la Children's Hospital in Vancouver
- parintii dau vina pe sistemul medical.
Cel care sufera este copilul, si de aceea presupun ca a intervenit Serviciul Social.
Dreptate o sa se faca, mai devreme sau mai tirziu, sa speram doar ca trauma psihica prin care trece Alex nu va ramine cu urmari.
Indiferent de partea cui este dreptatea, opinia publica si mass-media poate sa influenteze cazul, adica mai bine zis anchetarea si solutionarea corecta.
Deci parerea mea - dupa ce am citit scrisorile dlui Radita- este ca, nu trebuie neaparat ca noi romanii sa sustinem punctul de vedere al familiei, ci doar sa cerem o justitie cit se poate de corecta in acest caz.

o mica adaugare ptr dl Radita sau Marius - daca ai posibilitatea sa-i transmiti
UNICEF nu se ocupa cu drepturile copilului, ci doar cu colectarea de fonduri si repartizarea lor in sprijinul copiilor saraci din tarile sub-sau in curs de dezvoltare, deci ma indoiesc ca-i vor lua in considerare scrisorile.
UNESCO este organizatia mondiala care se ocupa printre altele si cu drepturile, protectia si securitatea copiilor
In Canada,este Canadian Coalition for the rights of children

Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children
c/o Canadian Child Care Federation
Attn: A Wilson, Executive Assistant
201-383 Parkdale, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4R4

Familia Radita: completari

M-am intalnit astazi cu Emil Radita si mi-a inmanat trei scrisoi pe care le-a trimis la diverse foruri in decembrie 2003. Doua le-am adaugat la acest articol (paginile 2 si 3). O sa mai primesc material si o sa continui sa adaug aici tot ceea ce am.

O observatie legata de comentariile de la aceasta stire. Telefonul familiei Radita a fost pe site. Oricine ii poate suna si se poate interesa despre situatia lor. Nu asteptati ca "cei in drept" sa faca asta. "In drept" sunt toti cei carora le pasa.

Indiferent de partea cui este dreptatea in acest caz, ceea ce se intampla cu aceasta familie este o tragedie, o vorba buna valoreaza mult mai mult decat despicarea firului in patru.


Re: Familia Radita: completari

Am adaugat inca doua scrisori, vedeti pagina 4. Urmeaza si alte documente...


Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!

Nu stiu de ce atata mister intr-un caz simplu. Ca si in cazul articolului calomnios la care se face referire pe grupul yahoo.

Cineva are nevoie de sustinere. Punct. Apar cateva intrebari:

Cine este acel cineva? Stim, un roman.
Suntem obligati de a ne ajuta fostii compatrioti numai pentru ca sunt romani? Nu.
Vrem s-o facem? Poate, dar eu as face-o DOAR in anumite conditii: Sa STIU de ce s-a ajuns aici. Chiar si doar explicatia uneia dintre parti (in cazul asta a tatalui sau a avocatului apararii), sau hartia eliberata de serviciile sociale in care TREBUIE sa existe motive pe care EI le considera serioase.
De ex. tatal se plimba cu fiul intr-o mana si cu o bere in cealalta.
Iar in cazul asta sa ne lase pe fiecare sa judecam daca sa sustinem (ceea ce inseamna ca personal nu suntem de acord cu procedura canadiana) sau nu sustinem asa ceva.

Votez alaturi de Elena si Radu.
Personal cand sustin ceva o fac in cunostinta de cauza, dupa o analiza, si raspund pentru ceea ce sustin chiar si-n fata Marii Adunari. Iar ca sa sustin trebuie sa cred ca ceea ce fac este bine.

Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!

Imi pare rau, eu lucrez in domeniu si stiu sigur ca baiatul nu ar fi fost luat de serviciul social fara un motiv bine intemeiat.
Deci, parerea mea este ca odata ce ati facut public un mesaj in care chemati romanii la apel, cel mai potrivit este sa dati si cele mai importante date ale problemei : de ce a fost copilul luat de la domiciliul parintilor? care a fost motivul invocat de serviciul social?
Multi romani poate din spirit de unitate se vor prezenta la proces sa puna marturie in favoarea parintilor, fara sa se gindeasca ca poate in felul acesta fac rau copilului.

o zi buna tuturor!

Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!

E foarte greu sa ne rupem de obiceiurile de acasa. Eu, de exemplu, sunt sigur ca jumatate din vecinii mei DIN ROMANIA si-ar fi pierdut copii serviciilor sociale din Canada. Chiar si mama ma peirdea in zilele cind imi mai tragea un facalet la fund...

Care sistem de educatie e mai bun? Nu imi pun aceasta intrebare - mai ales ca nu am copii. Dar stiu ca parintii care au decis sa imigreze in Canada au obligatia sa respecte legile de aici. Bune, rele, cu efect pozitiv sau negativ asupra profilului uman al copiilor lor - asta e. Cum zic canadienii: noi am vrut sa venim aici!
Deci, eu ma alatur Elenei, lui Cezar, ICBC... Fara o declaratie privind motivele invocate de serviciile sociale, nu cred ca ar trebui sa-l sustin (eu, Nick Sava) pe dl Radita.

Cei care cred altfel, sunt invitati la Tribunal. Din cite cunosc eu sentimentul de solidaritate la romani, m-ar mira sa aflu ca in sala au fost mai mult de 12 romani. Adica familia, cei de la TV si toti ceialti (doi)...

Altfel, anuntul lui Valer il interpretez strict ceea ce este: o invitatie ca cei ce vor sa ajute fam. Radita sa o faca. Daca au scrupule, sa se informeze cit mai mult unde este adevarul (nu afirmind ca e de datoria familiei sa-i informeze, daca ii vor alaturi), si neintrebind daca directorii de la Centru vor fi sau nu in sala.

Nick si parerea lui (cereruta)

Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!

De ce a fost luat copilul de Social Services? Suntem chemati sa sprijinim familia Radita pe considerente etnice, ca suntem toti romani, sau ar trebui sa stim inainte daca acest copil a fost neglijat, batut, inchis singur in casa etc. si Ministry of Children a avut motive serioase sa-l izoleze de restul familiei? Poate ar trebui sa dati mai multe detalii daca tot suntem chemati sa sprijinim in masa actiunea, despre care nu stim nimic. By the way, isi iau directorii Centrului zi libera sa mearga in Surrey? Regards, Elena

Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!


Intrebarea ta este indreptatita, si eu as vrea sa stiu mai multe detalii (n-am fost prezent la sedinta de pe 5 ianuarie). O singura observatie, enumerarea posibilelor lucruri rele pe care le-ar fi putut face familia Radit arunca o umbra nemeritata asupra lor.


Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!


Domnul Radita ne-a prezentat in persoana cazul sau luni 5 ianuarie 2004.
Sint multe de spus. Numarul sau de telefon este:

Deasemenea cazul sau este cunoscut de catre ROMPOST TV.


P.S. Nu vad cit de relevant este daca directorii centrului isi iau zi libera sau nu. Domnul Radita a venit si ne-a cerut sa-l ajutam; mai mult ne-a tinut la curent prin telefon cu situatia domniei sale. Ne-a rugat sa anuntam cit mai multi romani, ceea ce am si facut. Mai departe decizia apartine fiecaruia.

Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!

Elena are dreptate.Spui ca d-nul Radita "ne-a" prezentat in persoana situatia dar cei mai multi dintre noi membrii comunitatii nu am fost acolo pe 5.01.2004 din felurite motive.
In astfel de cazuri se poate face un apel oficial (eventual pe Forum sau alt site romanesc,pt ca ziar romanesc cu aparitie zilnica n-avem inca)explicandu-se detaliat cazul astfel ca cititorul doritor sa ajute sa poata lua o decizie.Dupa normele democratiei in care traim apelul poate fi facut numai de o honorable person cunoscuta comunitatii care il cunoaste si ii cunoaste situatia D-nului Radita. In caz contrar a ajuta un om despre care nu stii nimic nu e relevant;e ca si cum ti s-ar cere sa dai referinte de job pentru unul pe care nu l-ai vazut in viata ta.
Sigur nr de telefon al d-nului Radita rezolva situatia intr-un fel dar nu mi se pare chiar normal.Dumnealui e cel care trebuie sa-si sustina cauza nu altii sa caute sa afle ce i s-a intamplat.

Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!


Stiu un singur lucru: un roman a lasat un mesaj disperat la centru. Tot ce am putut face pentru el a fost sa ne intilnim cu el pe 5 ianuarie, sa-i ascultam povestea pe care a putut sa ne-o prezinte in citeva minute si sa-l punem in legatura cu ROMPOST TV.

Omul acesta a fost prezent si in programul de stiri canadiene de saptamina trecuta. In plus a primit deja suportul altor comunitati cum ar fi chineza (de exemplu) si a altor denominatii religioase in timp ce noi discutam daca directorii centrului vor fi prezenti miercuri dimineata la Court in Surrey, sau sa cerem ca anuntul sa fie postat de un honorable person ca sa-l luam in considerare. Ma rog, fiind democratie este la latitudinea fiecaruia sa aprecieze ce trebuie sa faca in situatia data si cu anuntul prezentat in felul in care s-a facut.

Ne-a cerut noua sa-i facem public apelul in urma sfatului avocatului de familie. Atit am putut face pentru el. Nu ne-a rugat sa-i prezentam cazul, faptele, dovezile, etc.

Parerea personala a familiei mele cu 2 copii este ca nu exista explicatie in lumea democrata sau nedemocrata sa iei un copil de 6 ani de linga parinti, period!


Re: Strigat de ajutor din partea unei familii de romani!

Stimati romani si oameni de bine!

Unii dintre noi scriu scurt,concis si hotarat ca un copil de 6 ani nu poate fi luat de langa parinti period!Altii dintre noi gandesc ca e o eroare sa ne asteptam la cele mai rele lucruri din partea unei familii -pe care in definitiv nu o cunoastem.Parerea mea enuntata anterior era sa lasam deoparte elanul de solidaritate etnica si sa vedem FAPTELE.PERIOD!
Drept e ca unii au ajuns la proces pt o simpla palma la fund data copilului intr-un moment de "ratacire" dar la fel de drept e ca unora li s-au luat copiii pt tratament abuziv, infometare, batai si chiar alte chestii mai inumane.Noi de unde putem sti in ce ipostaza se afla familia Radita in acest conflict ce va ajunge la Curtea din Surrey?
E o nota buna ca problema lor a aparut pe canalele de stiri canadiene.E de asemenea un punct favorabil ca si comunitatea chineza (care intre noi fie vorba isi exploateaza proprii prunci de 5-6 ani punandu-i la lucru in magazine de zarzavageala si nu numai) a imbratisat cauza lor.Noi romanii insa,ca si comunitate europeana ce ne pretindem culturalizata si evoluata trebuie sa vedem FAPTELE!!!si asta lasand la o parte orice elan patriotard!Dupa aceea fiecare poate cantari si ajuta dupa puteri.
Sa se inteleaga bine:eu unul nu acuz familia Radita in nici un fel!Asemeni altora care au postat pe aceasta tema nu fac decat sa vin cu sugestia de a se expune situatia lor de catre cei in drept si capabili sa o faca.
Nu se poate sau nu se vrea acest lucru?Atunci dati-mi voie:ceva Danemarca...Si atunci in acest caz poate sa fie Stefan sau Mihai Viteazul ca parerea mea ramane aceeasi-cei ce i-au luat copilul nu au gresit,binele acestuia conteaza !


Ani mai tarzu, uitati la ce s-a ajuns

Au incercat sa le ia copilul, s-au opus, si azi vad asta. Bietul copil mort din neglijenta criminala.

Si ajung si pe link-ul acesta unde au postat protestul acum ani de zile.

story | by Dr. Radut