"Money for nothing" by Dire Straits & Canadian Broadcast Standards Council - incredible decision in 2011!!...

Today I found out on the radio about the following decision by Canadian Broadcast Standards Council regarding the Worldwide successful and well known song "Money for nothing" by Dire Straits:

Tell your Canadian Government to butt out!

The incredible controversy about Shane Doan, Hockey Canada and our "very concerned" government takes an ugly turn.

Sign the petition [url=]HERE[/url] and tell them what you think about it.

Isn't it anything else important in this country anymore? I can think of a long list of problems they should deal with instead. Shame on you politicians! :evil:

Remember this next time when they ask for your vote!

Miss Diaspora Canada 2006 - Montreal

Va anuntam inceperea inscrierilor la concursul Miss Diaspora Canada, organizat de emisiunea de radio in limba romana Marca-RO 105,1 FM din Montreal.

Finala acestei a doua editii va avea loc la Montreal pe data de 24 iunie. Concurentele trebuie sa aiba intre 16 si 23 de ani, cel putin unul dintre parinti de origine romana si domiciliul stabil in strainatate. Probele de concurs includ prezentarea concurentelor, testarea cunoatintelor de traditie si civilizatie romaneasca, exercitii de spontaneitate si imaginatie.

Sponsor Your Parents - 2006-02-28

In the last 3 weeks CPC Mississauga has processed applications received between November 5 and December 8, 2003. This good news comes after some slowing down of the processing in the Christmas and elections periods. We don’t know whether this change is related to the results of elections or not. We just hope CPC keeps processing applications at the same pace.

We would like to present up-to-date statistics on our Web site. We will appreciate it very much if you send us your own statistics to indicating submission dates of your application to CPC Mississauga or consulate and the dates of any letter from CPC and/or consulate. We will, of course, use the information for statistics only and not reveal any personal details to any third party.