Children Computer Science (Computers Programming - Coding) classes

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International Computer Science School in Vancouver (Joyce-Collingwood Village) offers computer science (computers programming - coding) classes  for children grade grade 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and higher (throughout highschool, college and university). These classes will cover programming structures (conditional repeating loops, arrays, matrices, strings, sets, files, functions, procedures, stacks, queues etc.), programming algorithms (searching, sorting, graph algorithms, binary search trees, greedy algorithms, computational geometry, etc.), programming methods & techniques (recursivity, backtracking, dynamic programming, divide-and-conquer, object-oriented programming, etc.) and many others. The programming languages we use are: Pascal, C++, Python, Java, Java Script, HTML, CSS, SQL and much more. We are also preparing students to participate to diverse national and international computing competitions (including University of Waterloo Canadian Computing Competition (CCC)). Central-located, easy-accessible, walking distance from the Sky Train station, we help your children succeed.

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